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Cyber Defence Cyber Security Certification With GIAC

Validate Cyber Defence skills with GIAC Certification, a leading provider of skills-based security accreditation.

The GIAC exams available to study within this Curriculum include:

Achieving a GIAC Certification in Cyber Defence is a secure means of validating IT security skills.

GIAC Cyber Defence Certification Benefits

At the heart of GIAC are three core beliefs:

  1. The application of knowledge - GIAC expects students to have an appreciation of best practice and theory. As a body, GIAC places an emphasis on applying skills and theory.
  2. Celebrating ability - By preparing for, passing and securing a GIAC certification professionals send out a powerful message to colleagues, co-workers and the wider cyber defence community.
  3. Sharing with the community - Both GIAC and SANS are deeply invested in the Cyber Defence community. Both bodies share what they learn and are dedicated to improving the wider Cyber Defence community's knowledgebase.

From a manager's perspective, encouraging team members to achieve a GIAC Cyber Defence security Certification is a reliable way of ensuring skills are kept up to date.

Cyber Defence is a fast moving and fluid subject. Even seasoned professionals need support to keep their skills fresh.

Practitioners who are GIAC Certified often find promotion. GIAC Certified Cyber Defenders can often command higher salaries.

Why Study With SANS?

SANS training is designed to help master the practical steps necessary to defend networks and systems. Training is designed to help defend against the latest threats, exploits and risks.

SANS' fierce focus on practicality is underpinned by the quality of our Instructors. SANS' Cyber Defence Instructors are widely regarded as the best in their field. They are seasoned industry practitioners who bring a wealth of real-world experience into the classroom.

SANS provide several flexible options for students interested in Cyber Defence training. Training helps students pass Cyber Defence GIAC certifications.

Training options include:

Read what previous students say about SANS Cyber Defence Training here.

How Do I Get Certified?

There are four key steps to achieving Certification:

  1. Select the GIAC Certification that's right for your career.
  2. Register.
  3. Prepare for the GIAC examination. There's no prescribed route. Exams are tough and we recommend preparing thoroughly. Many GIAC Certifications align naturally with SANS training courses.
  4. Book a proctored examination.

If you have any questions about getting certified, read our FAQs or email us

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