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Information Security Management Certifications With GIAC

Validate your cyber security management skills with a GIAC Certification. GIAC places a high emphasis on practical skills and its accreditations are respected globally. SANS training is ideal preparation for certification attempt.

The GIAC Certifications available through the Management Curriculum are:

Cyber security management covers a wide variety of disciplines. These include soft skills such as communication and presentation. Successful security managers also need hard skills such as risk, policy, response and process planning.

GIAC Certification offers many options that dovetail with these common job-based tasks.

GIAC Management Certification Benefits

Founded in 1999, GIAC now offers over 20 specialised information security certifications. GIAC sets high standards and, by meeting them, students make the best possible statement about their professional priorities, values and ambitions.

GIAC Management Certifications are unique because they place a strong emphasis on practical skills. Certainly managers will need to show an appreciation of best practice and theory, but, to be successful in a GIAC Certification, students need to demonstrate how to apply those theories in a real-world scenario.

GIAC is recognised and trusted globally. Employers who recruit GIAC Certified Managers do so because they are confident in the Certificate holder's ability to do the job.

Individual professionals, who possess GIAC Certifications, can find career advancement opportunities are afforded to them more quickly.

Over 70,000 cyber security professionals have chosen GIAC Certification as the definitive way of validating their IT security skills.

Why Study With SANS?

SANS training is aligned philosophically with GIAC Certification. Both SANS and GIAC place a high degree of emphasis on hands-on skills.

SANS' growth and success is, in part, founded on the quality of its Instructors. SANS Management Instructors - like all of SANS Instructors - are respected industry experts.

They work for high-profile organisations and hold influential security management positions.

As well as free resources, SANS provides management students with a library of Courseware and learning resources. These include expertly written textbooks, virtualised lab exercises, cheat sheets, and posters. They're all created to supplement students' learning experience.

How Do I Get Certified?

There are several key steps in the journey towards GIAC Certification:

  1. Begin by selecting a GIAC Certification.
  2. Decide if you feel you need training to pass a GIAC exam. GIAC examinations are very tough and it is recommended that candidates prepare thoroughly.

  3. To train for a GIAC certification students can take SANS training via:

  4. Prepare for the examination. Examinations are open book. SANS' printed Courseware is admissible in the test centre.
  5. Schedule your proctored examination

For more information on GIAC security training read our Testimonials from previous students, or read our FAQs here.

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