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ICS Security Certification With GIAC

Achieve a GIAC ICS Security Certification and become part of a community of ICS IT certified professionals. Evidence your security skills through certification with GIAC. SANS' courses train students to pass GIACs ICS exams which are open book.

Industrial Control Systems attacks are growing in sophistication, resourcefulness and determination. Given the importance of ICS systems in the function of daily life, keeping these systems safe is a challenge that needs to be firmly met.

The GIAC exams available to study within this curriculum are:

GIAC ICS Security Certification Benefits

GIAC Certifications is a leading developer and provider of cyber security certifications. Through examinations, GIAC accesses and validates the practical skills and abilities of ICS security practitioners.

GIAC offers accreditations that demonstrate - beyond doubt - that a holder is capable of defending critical control systems.

Professionals who have prepared for and achieved a GIAC certification set themselves apart from their colleagues. A GIAC Certification shows emphatically that an employee is committed to their career, craft, and to continual professional development.

Employers who standardise on GIAC Certification benefit from a whole security team following the same process, sharing the same conceptual model and speaking the same language.

Why Study ICS With SANS?

SANS has a long and rich heritage in the cyber security sphere. Founded in 1989, SANS now has over 125,000 cyber security alumni.

SANS' Instructors are recognised as true thought-leaders in their respective fields.

Proportionately, our Instructors spend more time working in field than they do teaching. As a result they have an unparalleled affinity with ICS' defining threats, trends, and technologies.

SANS Instructors bring this catalogue of real-world knowledge into the classroom.

Along with impeccable technical credentials, SANS Instructors are highly accomplished teachers. They have a refined understanding of how people learn and get the very best from their students.

SANS ICS courses are constructed around practical lab exercises.

SANS and GIAC are both focussed on fostering cyber defenders' hands on skills.

Follow SANS ICS training to study for an ICS GIAC Certification and sit the examination with confidence. Options include:

Read what previous SANS ICS Alumni say about their training on our Testimonials page or read our training FAQs here.

How Do I Get Certified?

GIAC Certifications are awarded after successful completion of a rigorous examination.

The route to achieving a GIAC Certification is as follows:

  1. Decide on the right GIAC Certification
  2. Decide if you want to make a Certification Attempt immediately or to take training first.
  3. Revise and prepare for the examination.
  4. Find a local proctored examination provider and book an appointment. GIAC Examinations are open book (SANS written courseware is admissible), but must be taken in an approved environment.

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