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SANS Industrial Control Systems Posters

SANS produces a wealth of digital and print resources designed to help the ICS community learn and deploy new skills effectively within a team.

With over 125,000 alumni and over 25 years of experience, SANS is the world's largest - and most widely trusted - provider of Cyber Security training.

SANS ICS Curriculum is designed to help system engineers understand more about security, and to help IT professionals enhance their knowledge of automated industrial controls.

SANS resources complement ICS Training Events, Online Training and Private Training. Furthermore these resources can help in obtaining an ICS GIAC Certification.

SANS ICS posters are created by Course Authors, ICS Instructors and another ICS experts.

A core part of the ICS Curriculum is security awareness and how to invest none-technical staff with an appreciation of attack vectors such as phishing.

SANS produces ICS posters that students - when they return to work - can use as part of a high-impact security awareness programme.

The posters have been created to change users' behaviour through engagement, and to spell out why ICS systems - and ICS staff - are the focus of attack.

Other SANS posters are focussed on specific threats. SANS, for example, produces a very detailed poster that explains visually how phishing and spear-phishing work. The poster also gives essential tips for spotting rogue emails, and how to avoid falling victim.

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SANS ICS Europe Summit and Training 2018 Jun 18 - Jun 23, 2018  
SANS London July 2018 Jul 02 - Jul 07, 2018  
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