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Pen Test Certifications With GIAC

Prepare for a GIAC Penetration Test Certification by taking a SANS Course. Training can be accessed flexibly, is led by world-class Instructors, and is supported by high-quality courseware.

Nearly 70,000 security professionals have chosen the GIAC Certifications to validate their cyber security skills.

Founded in 1999, GIAC has become one of the global leaders in cyber security and Penetrating Testing Certification.

The GIAC exams available to study within this curriculum include:

Benefits of GIAC Pen Test Cyber Security Certifications

GIAC Pen Test Certifications are recognised globally. Those who hold a Pen Test GIAC have earned the right to be viewed as highly competent.

GIAC focusses on testing and validating practical skills and knowledge. Other bodies prize theory ahead of demonstrable skills.

Benefits For Professionals

Achieving a GIAC Pen Test Certification can provide:

  • Promotion and pay benefits
  • An enhanced understanding of pen testing
  • Clear communication of personal values and aspirations to peers and employers

Benefits For Employers

GIAC Certification benefits:

  • By standardising training around GIAC, employers ensure a whole security team follows the same process.
  • GIAC Certification ensures security team members' skills are completely aligned with industry's current best practice.
  • Having a GIAC Certified Pen Test team ensures peace of mind for managers.

Why Study With SANS?

SANS is the world's largest provider of cyber security training.

SANS Pen Test Instructors are widely regarded the world's leading technical practitioners. They are seasoned professionals who have earned their stripes through their work with high-profile companies, military bodies and government agencies.

SANS students receive instruction and tuition that is second-to-none. Read what previous students say on our Testimonials page.

SANS' Pen Test Courses are practical in nature and built around carefully designed lab exercises. By taking a course at a Training Event students have the opportunity to compete for a Pen Test Coin. Other training options include Online Training, which is highly flexible, as well as Private Training (for companies with more than 25 students).

SANS takes great pride in equipping students with quality learning materials such as expertly written textbooks, cheat sheets and hand outs.

See a sample of materials on our Resources page where we provide the pen test community with a range of free resources - separate to our training resources package.

How Do I Get Certified?

There is no predefined route to achieving a GIAC certification. All students need to do is register for an examination, prepare for the assessment and achieve the required grade.

The examinations themselves are held in a proctored environment. This is a certified testing centre that's local to students. There is generally a test centre within sixty miles of most candidates' locations.

GIAC examinations are open book. Students can bring their SANS textbooks, notes and printed documents into the assessment centre.

Training Events Offering Penetration Testing Courses
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SANS Paris June 2018 Jun 25 - Jun 30, 2018  
SANS London July 2018 Jul 02 - Jul 07, 2018  
SANS Pen Test Berlin 2018 Jul 23 - Jul 28, 2018  
SANS Riyadh July 2018 Jul 28 - Aug 02, 2018  
SANS Krakow 2018 Aug 20 - Aug 25, 2018  
SANS Prague 2018 Aug 20 - Aug 25, 2018  
SANS Copenhagen August 2018 Aug 27 - Sep 01, 2018  
SANS Amsterdam September 2018 Sep 03 - Sep 08, 2018  
SANS Munich September 2018 Sep 16 - Sep 22, 2018  
SANS London September 2018 Sep 17 - Sep 22, 2018  
SANS DFIR Prague Summit & Training 2018 Oct 01 - Oct 07, 2018  
SANS Riyadh October 2018 Oct 13 - Oct 18, 2018  
SANS London October 2018 Oct 15 - Oct 20, 2018  
SANS Gulf Region 2018 Nov 03 - Nov 15, 2018  
SANS London November 2018 Nov 05 - Nov 10, 2018  
SANS Paris November 2018 Nov 19 - Nov 24, 2018  
SANS Stockholm 2018 Nov 26 - Dec 01, 2018  
SANS Frankfurt 2018 Dec 10 - Dec 15, 2018  
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