SANS Instructors

SANS Instructors are world-class technical experts and inspirational teachers. They are subject matter specialists who possess the charisma and presence necessary to bring training to life in the classroom.

SANS cyber security training has achieved its reputation for excellence in part because SANS Instructors are top cyber security experts and practitioners in their respective fields. This means they are able to integrate real-world, current scenarios into the training experience.

Whatever their specialism, be it Defence, Management, DFIR, ICS, Audit, Pen Testing, or Software Development, SANS Instructors are second to none.

Our Instructors are real-world cyber security experts who hold influential security roles in prominent organisations across the globe.

SANS' Instructors are involved daily in the technical cut-and-thrust of IT security. Our Instructors know about the latest threats because it's their job, more often than not, to face them down.

Across our roster of Instructors are experts who work with FTSE100 companies, Fortune 500 enterprises as well as major government and defence departments.

Commonly, they are red team leaders, information warfare officers, technical directors, CISOs, research fellows and senior consultants. They're fascinating, worldly and deeply experienced.

Collectively SANS Instructors hold more than 45 security patents and have written many highly regarded books on cyber security. When they're not working or training, most are heavily involved in blogging, writing, mentoring and sharing invaluable information within the cyber security community.

The Art of Teaching

Along with their highly technical and professional credentials, SANS Instructors are skilled teachers. They understand how to bring their subjects to life and, above all, they are great communicators.

Hands on Learning

SANS has been at the forefront of security training for over twenty-five years. Over that time we've learned a great deal about the business of teaching security skills. SANS believes that people learn better by doing as opposed to being lectured.

As a result, SANS Courses are very practical and hands-on. There are lab exercises, software based exercises and practical explorations. The ability to show how theory can be applied - as opposed to simply explaining a concept - is a skill our Instructors possess.

Instructor Training Delivery

We know people have different requirements, which is why SANS offers a variety of ways to access training.

  1. Students who prefer to be taught by a SANS Instructor in person can attend a SANS Training Event. Training Events take place in cities across the world and feature networking opportunities and additional educational content.
  2. Alternatively students can elect to take SANS Online Training. Here students can work remotely and at their own pace. We provide high quality courseware such as books, videos and recordings of the SANS Instructor giving their direction. Students can access the content online.
  3. SANS Private Training is another alternative. Here, a SANS Instructor travels to an organisation and delivers training in their HQ or office. Such an approach is efficient if a company has a large team looking to receive training. For this training option, a minimum of 25 students is required.

All our training delivery options are subtly different yet the quality of instruction is consistent.

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