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SANS Cyber Defence Coin

Securing a SANS Cyber Defence Coin in as a tough challenge and real honour. Learn the coin's story, significance and how to go about earning one.

SANS challenge Coins are a rare badge of honour. There are different routes to achieving one. Students who have secured Coins do so through making valuable contributions in their SANS class or by winning a Capture The Flag tournament.

Within the Cyber Defence Curriculum, SEC575: Mobile Device Security and Ethical Hacking offers a CTF exercise which provides students with an opportunity to secure the SEC575 Reptile Coin.

Cyber Defence Coins

What Does SANS Cyber Defence Coin Signify?

The Cyber Defence coins validates the holder's cyber defence skills. The Coin is only awarded to students who have more than mastered their discipline's most important skills.

The Coin symbolises the holder's commitment to lifelong learning and self-development. On the reverse side of Coin is a cypher. By embossing the Coin with a puzzle it sends a powerful message to students: they might have won this prize, but there's always another challenge to be met.

How Can I Earn A Cyber Defence Coin?

At the end of SEC575 there's a Capture The Flag exercise. This is an ideal opportunity to practice new cyber security skills, and for students to demonstrate their mastery through competing with others in class.

The winner of the CTF challenge at a Training Event wins a Coin. The challenges are tough as students play against peers.

SANS Instructors can choose to award Coins at their discretion. An Instructor may, for example, choose to recognise a student who has made an extemporary contribution to the class or worked with particular diligence.

Indirectly, Cyber Defence students can find an opportunity to win the NetWars World Coin. Anyone attending a Training Event where NetWars is being held, is welcome to enter the tournament (space and seats allowing).

NetWars is free for students who attend our long courses. To win The World Coin students will have to defeat some very stiff competition.

Read what students say about SANS Cyber Defence training or download some of our free Defence Resources here.

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