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SANS Online Cyber Defence Training

Take Cyber Defence training with complete flexibility, via SANS' e-learning platform OnDemand. Courses are hands-on, content is cutting edge and learning is supported with MP3 and video lectures from SANS Instructors.

OnDemand training is flexible and designed to equip cyber defenders with cutting edge skills.

Cyber Defence Online Training Benefits

SANS Instructors are one of the reasons why our training is highly regarded. With OnDemand training, students have access to our Instructors via MP3 audio lectures.

Along with teaching SANS students, SANS Instructors are world-class Cyber Defence experts. Many Instructors work for high-profile organisations and hold influential security posts. Others are consultants whose skills and expertise are in high demand.

Our Cyber Defence courses are updated regularly as criminals change their behaviours, new technologies become dominant, and once trusted defences become obsolete.

This updating process feeds directly into SANS' training Courseware. We provide each student with a wide selection of learning resources, which are scrutinised, refined and refreshed regularly.

Key Courseware elements include:

A library of textbooks - Students receive a selection of focussed, curriculum specific textbooks to support them as they learn.

Quizzes - To help rehearse core skills and rehearse key lessons, OnDemand training is punctuated regularly with quizzes.

MP3 lectures - Students receive four months of access to an Instructor's course lessons and lectures. These are MP3 files which can be downloaded and listened to again and again.

Virtual Labs - Course's lab exercises are frequent and available to OnDemand students.

SANS also provides - at no cost - a selection of free Cyber Defence Resources to the cyber security community.

Flexible Training

Students can learn at there own pace, in an office or at home. All that is needed is a tablet or laptop and access to the Internet.

Given OnDemand's flexibility, students can continue to work while they study. This saves employees from being away from projects and teams.

Complete Consistency

SANS offers several different styles of training. These include:

We ensure that all training methods are completely consistent.

Each mode of training offers the same quality of instruction, technical content and Courseware.

This consistency means that all SANS' training is focussed on meeting our core promise: what's learned will be instantly deployable.

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Cyber Defence Security Certification

The desire to test cyber security skills - particularly after successful training - is common among SANS students.

The Global Information Assurance Certification is a body that develops, deploys and validates the practical skills of cyber security practitioners.

GIAC was founded in 1999 and, as a certification body, it is recognised globally. Similarly, holders of GIAC Certifications are respected as confirmed experts in their given sphere.

There is no preordained route to achieving a GIAC certification. SANS training places a strong emphasis on the same hands-on skills GIAC looks for in its graduates.

SANS OnDemand Cyber Defence courses align with these GIAC Certifications:

Cyber Defence Curriculum
Course Certification Register
Level 1 SEC301: Introduction to Cyber Security GISF  
Level 2 SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style GSEC  
Level 3 SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials - Enterprise Defender GCED  
SEC503: Intrusion Detection In-Depth GCIA  
SEC505: Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation GCWN  
SEC506: Securing Linux/Unix GCUX  
Specialty Courses SEC440: Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing, and Auditing  
SEC511: Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations GMON  
SEC550: Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures and Cyber Deception  
SEC555: SIEM with Tactical Analytics GCDA  
SEC566: Implementing and Auditing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth GCCC  
MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification GISP