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SANS Management Private Cyber Security Training

SANS Private Training sees an experienced SANS Instructor deliver our world-class cyber security training direct to staff, in an office or HQ. Benefits include confidentially and efficiency.

SANS Management Training is designed to impart the skills necessary to be an effective IT security leader.

Our Management courses are ideal for newly appointed information security managers, those with technical skills who are new to leadership, or experienced managers who need to understand more fully the technologies their teams work with.

With SANS Private Training, organisations can arrange for Management Training to be delivered directly in a company's headquarters or training facility.

To access SANS Private Training, businesses need a minimum of 25 students looking to take the same course. Fewer than 25 students? Read about our Training Events & Online Training options.

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Hands On Learning

When students have completed SANS Management training they will be able to speak the same language as security, systems and administrator personnel. And, they'll be able to do so with confidence and authority.

Along with equipping managers to supervise their products' security components, SANS training can help managers guide their organisation's security awareness programme.

SANS places hands-on skills at the heart of all its training courses. Students learn security management's latest theories, and spend time putting those theories into practice.

SANS places a high value on fostering and feeding students' hands-on skills. We do so because, should an organisation face a cyber attack, having defenders who have mastered responses and counter measures is essential.

Management Private Training Benefits

SANS understands that companies have competitors and adversaries who watch them closely.

SANS Private Training is delivered with the utmost of discretion and confidentially. What is discussed in the training room remains there.

Dedicated SANS Instructors who facilitate Private Training always comply with a business' confidentially policies and directives.


SANS Private Training offers organisations many benefits. Budget holders save on expenses associated with attending external training. These can include living, travel and accommodation costs (multiplied by the number of people taking training).

With a SANS Instructor coming to an office, managers save the time their team would otherwise spend traveling.

A dedicated SANS Instructor will specifically focus their teaching fully on the technologies and challenges your business faces.

Built To Be Remembered

SANS Instructors bring a wealth of hard earned, real-world experience into the classroom. They will, for example, use their insight into headline-grabbing cyber attacks to add context to the theories they're exploring.

SANS textbooks are written and created in tandem with the course they support. The books follow the same flow, detail, and lab exercises. They add extra technical detail to the Instructor's lectures.

SANS updates its course textbooks regularly to ensure all of our training content is focussed on defending against criminals' latest tactics and technologies.

Along with printed courseware - that includes cheat sheets and posters - SANS provides students with software based resources.

These include copies of the virtualised lab exercises that form the foundation of classwork. Students leave equipped with copies of any software tools that have been explored.

SANS takes great pride in its free Resources it provides to the management community, and the quality of the courseware it gives to all enrolled students.

Management Security Certification

Founded in 1999, GIAC Certifications is a leading provider, developer and administrator or cyber security certification.

Over 70,000 professionals have chosen GIAC as a means of underlining their cyber security skills.

GIAC examinations are designed to assess practitioners' practical skills - not just their ability to recall theory.

There is no prescribed route to achieving a desired GIAC Certification. They recommend professionals prepare thoroughly for a GIAC Certification Attempt.

SANS Management Private Training courses align with GIAC Certifications. The alignments are as follows:

Cyber Security Management Curriculum
Course Certification
Level 1 SEC301: Introduction to Cyber Security GISF
Level 2 MGT512: Security Leadership Essentials For Managers GSLC
MGT525: IT Project Management, Effective Communication, and PMP® Exam Prep GCPM
Level 3 MGT415: A Practical Introduction to Cyber Security Risk Management
MGT514: Security Strategic Planning, Policy, and Leadership GSTRT
LEG523: Law of Data Security and Investigations GLEG
Specialty Courses MGT414: SANS Training Program for CISSP® Certification GISP
MGT433: SANS Security Awareness: How to Build, Maintain, and Measure a Mature Awareness Program
AUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems GSNA

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