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SANS ICS Private Cyber Security Training

Take ICS cyber security training from SANS privately and confidentially with a SANS Instructor, who will lead classroom sessions in your HQ or training centre.

SANS Industrial Control Systems Private Training sees a SANS ICS Instructor deliver training privately inside an office or HQ.

To access SANS Private Training, organisations need a minimum of twenty-five students.

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Hands On ICS Learning

SANS is founded on the belief that cyber defenders need practical skills and not just a library of theories. Defenders' skills need to be kept up to date as new attack vectors erupt.

During ICS Private Training students can expect to participate in hands on lab exercises. These are expertly designed tutorials where students apply the theories they've learned in a virtualised environment.

Students can explore new tools, practice an exploit or test a defence. The aim of exercises is to perfect hands-on skills - skills that are deployable as soon as students return to their desks.

ICS Private Training Benefits

SANS appreciates, for security reasons, many organisations prefer to keep their training needs, policies and processes away from competitors' gaze.

When choosing SANS Private Training organisations are assured we respect strategic and commercial needs for privacy.


SANS ICS Private Training offers organisations:

Time management - As a team will remain in their HQ, they'll be on hand to keep projects and processes flowing.

Financial efficiency - With a SANS Instructor coming to an internal office, budget holders won't have to pay a whole team's travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

A shared philosophy - By standardising on SANS Training, managers ensure their whole security teams speaks a common language and follows the same processes.

Focussed training - With a SANS Instructor embedded in an organisation, students can steer classroom discussions towards situations and scenarios they face regularly.

Built To Be Remembered

SANS ICS courses focus on core necessities: intelligence, attack surfaces, asset identification, network security monitoring, responses, and defending.

SANS ICS Instructors are industry experts who work on ICS' front line.

They are involved daily in protecting ICS assets and have an intimate working-knowledge of the current threat landscape, ICS's dominant technologies and emerging attack vectors.

When not teaching with SANS, many ICS Instructors work as consultants. Instructors bring their real-world experience into the classroom.

To support students SANS provides a wide selection of courseware and learning material.

These include:

  • A library of expertly written textbooks - designed to complement the classroom experience. The high-quality books mirror the classroom content's structure. Like the courses they accompany, SANS' text books are updated regularly.
  • Virualised lab exercises - Our ICS Curriculum uses virtualisation to create environments, systems, software samples and scenarios that students explore. Students receive copy of these VMs so they can recreate the exercises.
  • Cybati Works Mini-Kit - A Rapsberry Pi based kit designed to simulate common control systems, their protocols and functions. The kit consists of PiFace Digital, Snap-Circuit components, I/O components, cables and virtualised test environments.

ICS Security Certification

GIAC Certifications is the preeminent provider and developer of Cyber Security Certification.

GIAC is independent but shares a common philosophy with SANS: both organisations are committed to their belief in fostering hands-on skills.

SANS Courses align with GIAC Certifications. In the ICS sphere:

Industrial Control Systems Curriculum
Course Certification
Level 1 ICS410: ICS/SCADA Security Essentials GICSP
Level 2 ICS456: Essentials for NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection GCIP
ICS515: ICS Active Defense and Incident Response GRID
Specialty Courses HST: Critical Infrastructure and Control System Cybersecurity
HST: Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems

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