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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Training Events & Courses

Learn cutting edge ICS cyber security skills at a Training Event led by an expert SANS Instructor. Teaching takes place in a classroom and is supported by a library of high quality courseware.

ICS infrastructure is critical to the function of everyday life and, as a result, profiteering criminals are attacking these systems. To help managers and employees that work with such systems protects their assets, SANS offers several hands on, cyber security courses.

For companies with 25 or more students to train please navigate to our exclusive ICS Private Training page.

Hands On Learning

SANS ICS IT security Training Events have been created to equip security professionals and control system engineers with the tools necessary to protect their systems.

Training is designed to impart security awareness, hands-on technical skills, and the system-specific knowledge needed to secure automated control systems.

During the courses, students carry out hands-on exercises on ICS systems that are used widely across different utilities and industries. To make this possible SANS has created virtualised environments where students can explore systems and processes safely.

SANS courses are renowned for their hands on quality learning experience. Read our Testimonials from previous ICS students here.

ICS Courses Built To Be Remembered

From our 25 years experience within cyber security, we know students retain information better through doing.

Theory certainly plays a part in our ICS courses, however we believe firmly that students who have learned to apply theory - as opposed to just reading it - will be stronger cyber defenders.


SANS ICS Training equips students with high quality, high value courseware that's specially designed by security experts to support and enhance learning.

Students will receive a library of textbooks that are built around the same framework and follow the same progression through the ICS course units.

SANS textbooks are useful manuals to keep handy when working in the field. They can prove very useful when taking a GIAC Examination attempt as these assessments are open book.

If the course calls for it, students also receive an ICS515 CybatiWorks Mini-Kit.

This is a Raspberry Pi based kit, designed to simulate common Industrial Control Systems. The kit includes PiFace Digital, Snap-Circuit components, wireless and magnetic I/O, USB cables (with Volt/Amp meter) and memory.

On the software side, The CybatiWorks ships with virtual machines that run OPC, HMI, PLC, RTU and I/O industrial protocols. The kit supports commercial control system demonstration software from Rex Controls and PeakHMI.

Students are given copies of the necessary virtual machines so they can recreate the exercises and deploy the tools they may contain.

For a list of free posters & downloads for the ICS security community visit our Resources page.


SANS provides excellent opportunities to meet fellow professionals from across the ICS industry. Training courses offer refreshment breaks during the day where students can exchange ideas over tea and coffee

For any questions relating to training see our FAQs.

ICS Security Certification

Many ICS cyber security professionals look to validate their skills through a GIAC Certification. Global Information Assurance Certification certifications are recognised globally.

Within the ICS space, GIAC offers the following accreditations:

Training Events Offering Industrial Control Systems Courses
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SANS ICS Europe 2019 Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2019  
SANS Prague August 2019 Aug 12 - Aug 17, 2019  
SANS Oslo September 2019 Sep 09 - Sep 14, 2019  
SANS Dubai September 2019 Sep 14 - Sep 19, 2019  
SANS Paris September 2019 Sep 16 - Sep 21, 2019  
SANS London September 2019 Sep 23 - Sep 28, 2019  
SANS Doha October 2019 Oct 12 - Oct 17, 2019  
SANS Paris November 2019 Nov 04 - Nov 09, 2019  
SANS Gulf Region 2019 Nov 16 - Nov 28, 2019  
SANS Khobar December 2019 Dec 01 - Dec 05, 2019  
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