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IT Audit Courses

SANS Institute is the global leader in cyber security training. With over 25 years of experience, we now have over 125,000 alumni and operate in 35 countries.

For IT security auditors, we offer AUD507 - Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters and Systems.

Here's why SANS Audit Training is globally respected:

  • Hands on focus - SANS Training builds practical skills as opposed to just an affinity with theory.
  • Leading Instructors - SANS Instructors are real-world practitioners. They bring their experiences and insight into the classroom.
  • Updated content - SANS updates training content regularly.
  • Extensive courseware - SANS supports students with a wealth of textbooks, hand-outs and digital resources.
  • Flexible ways to learn - Access SANS Audit training at an Event, Online or via Private Training.

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Why Choose SANS IT Audit Training?


SANS Audit Instructors are the top industry experts in their respective fields.

They understand the learning process and will change the way their students think about security.

Rather than being steeped in theory, SANS courses are designed to be hands on. Many focus on lab exercises and simulations, and embrace the tools and techniques the industry recommends right now.


To ensure students get the best from a SANS Training course we supply a comprehensive range of Resources. Depending upon the course, the courseware can include:

  • Textbooks - Designed, built and authored by security experts.
  • Lab software - If a lab exercise focuses on a particular tool we'll make sure students leave with a copy. We provide disk images needed to recreate lab exercises.
  • Posters - As SANS supports the IT Audit community. We provide a range of free posters and downloads on our Resources page.

Cybercrime is ever changing. New attack vectors become prevalent and others are rendered redundant as defences against them become established. With this in mind SANS regularly updates its courses and their accompanying courseware.

Training Delivery

SANS offer several different ways to take training.

  1. Training Event - Classroom style Training Events.
  2. Online Training - Electronic learning programmes. These let students access SANS Training from a laptop or tablet. Students work at their own pace and in their own time.
  3. Private Training - For organisations that have more than 25 students to train, we can arrange for a SANS Instructor to deliver training in your HQ.

For any questions relating to training read our FAQs.

IT Audit Training


Global Information Assurance Certification - GIAC - is a global leader in cyber security certification. GIAC Certifications are respected and trusted by industrial, governmental and military organisations.

Many SANS courses align with GIAC Certifications. When purchasing a SANS Course, students can receive a discount on the associated GIAC Certification - if the two are bought at the same time.

SANS IT Audit Courses

SANS offers a menu of Audit Courses designed to cater for different training, career and organisational needs.

Read what previous IT Audit students said about their SANS Training on our Testimonials page.

SANS Core IT Audit Courses

SANS AUD507 is designed for anyone new to the subject, existing audit professionals and people who manage auditors. It focuses on understanding the different types of technical and non-technical controls that are essential to the audit process.

Students learn how to conduct a robust network risk assessment including identifying vulnerabilities and prioritising the focus of audits.

The course is very hands on. In part, it focuses on validating firewall rules, vulnerability assessment tools and the use of scripts to automate audit tasks.

SANS Specialist IT Audit Courses

The Twenty Critical Security Controls, as documented by the Council on CyberSecurity, are becoming the accepted means by which known attacks can be mitigated. They are regarded as the best means of limiting the damage caused by attacks that do penetrate defences. SEC440 teaches how to put these controls in place in an organisation and how to monitor that they are working correctly.

SEC566 offers comprehensive advanced detail into the Twenty Critical Security Controls. It teaches the tools and techniques needed to implement the critical controls, while helping security practitioners to understand why a threat exists and how to defend against the next generations of attacks.

IT Audit Curriculum
Course Certification
Level 2 AUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems GSNA
Specialty Courses SEC440: Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing, and Auditing
SEC566: Implementing and Auditing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth GCCC

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