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IT Audit Cyber Security Certification With GIAC

GIAC Certification is a globally respected accreditation of cyber security skills. Prepare for a Systems and Network Auditor (GSNA) Certification attempt by taking SANS' hands-on technical training.

SANS IT Security Audit Courses offer considerable value. Organisations looking to hire audit professionals trust GIAC. Similarly, professionals seeking to validate their audit skills turn to GIAC.

The GIAC exams available to study within this curriculum include:

GIAC Audit Certification Benefits

GIAC Certifications is an information security accreditation body that specialises in practical and technical IT Audit qualifications.

GIAC was founded in 1999. Today, over 70,000 cyber security certifications have been awarded to professionals who have successfully passed a GAIC exam.

GIAC IT Audit qualifications offer employers key benefits. These include:

  1. Standardisation - Founding a security team on GIAC certified professionals ensures practitioners speak the same language and share the same philosophy.
  2. Confidence - GIAC Certification removes any doubt about a practitioner's technical audit skills.
  3. Current skills - GIAC focuses on today's most prominent and potent threats. To achieve certification, professionals - by definition - will be well versed in combatting current threats.
  4. Marketing - Building a team founded on GIAC is a powerful message to take into any market. It sets a business apart from its competitors.

GIAC IT audit certifications offer audit professionals key benefits. These include:

  1. Affirmation - By securing a GIAC Certification professionals make a statement about how seriously they take their audit career.
  2. Validation - These is no better benchmark of a security auditor's credentials than a GIAC Certification.
  3. Demonstration of skills - Holding a GIAC Audit Certificate demonstrates that a certified professional possess abilities that have been tested against global standards.

Why Study With SANS?

By far the largest provider of cyber security training, SANS is the one of the most trusted providers.

We specialises in providing intensive training that's designed to help professionals master the practical skills necessary to defend systems from today's most dangerous threats.

SANS' legacy and reputation are underpinned by several key strengths:

  1. SANS Instructors are incomparable. They are industry experts and practitioners who, when not teaching, are involved in fighting, and consulting upon, today's fiercest cyber threats.
  2. By design, SANS training is hands-on and completely immersive. Students return to their office equipped to immediately deploy and benefit from their new skills.
  3. SANS' high-quality courseware is written by the same experts that create our courses.
  4. Thanks to SANS' hands-on approach and focus on new threats, SANS training strengthens students' ability to pass GIAC Certification examination.

SANS provide a range of flexible training options to students, from Training Events to Online Training and Private Training. See what previous Audit students think of their SANS training on our Testimonials page.

How Do I Get Certified?

GIAC offers a Systems and Network Auditor (GSNA) Certification. The Certification is awarded to audit professionals who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to apply risk analysis techniques and to conduct a technical audit of essential information systems.

To achieve Certification students need to pass a three hour, proctored examination and score above 70%.

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