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SANS IT Audit Posters

SANS produces a wealth of print and digital resources designed to help the audit community learn and deploy new security techniques.

SANS has an enviable reputation as a provider of cyber security training. Within the field, we have over 25 years' experience, operate in over 35 countries and have over 125,000 alumni.

SANS' IT audit posters are designed to summarise key lessons, theories and processes from the Audit Curriculum.

Audit experts work with a skilled graphic designer to create succinct, instructional and helpful posters.

Specific to the Audit Curriculum, students are equipped with a poster that explores Critical Security Controls - the recommended set of actions defenders can follow to stop today's most dangerous and pervasive attacks.

The Critical Security Controls project is a community led programme. The Controls are designed to reflect the combined knowledge that stem from real attacks and effective defences. They aren't just a list of suggested steps but rather a focussed set of actions that are scalable and driven by community consensus.

The Controls have, since their creation, matured. The project is administered by the Council of CyberSecurity - a global, none-profit organisation founded in 2013. The Council is committed to securing the internet through the ongoing development of the Critical Security Controls.

The Critical Controls poster covers topics such as how to start an audit, mapping controls across the defence lifecycle, how to brief management about critical controls, and more.

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