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SANS IT Audit Private Cyber Security Training

Access the benefits of SANS IT Audit Training with complete confidentiality. Private Training is ideal for organisations where a whole team requires training and privacy is paramount.

Enjoy the benefits that come with a SANS Instructor providing training directly to staff inside your organisation.

SANS Instructors deliver high quality IT Audit Courses directly to staff. We also have the ability to simulcast training to other offices and sites. To access Private Training, organisations need over 25 employees who need training.

For companies looking for SANS' world-class training with fewer than 25 employees, our other training options include Training Events and Online Training.

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Hands On Learning

By design, SANS training is hands-on. Students spend a time testing theories and putting what they've learned into practice.

In class, this means practical sessions that focus on risk assessment, reporting, network and perimeter monitoring, and even web application auditing.

Students can expect to gain first-hand experience of Windows and Unix audit techniques.

To polish their new skills, students have the opportunity to connect to a simulated enterprise network and face a unique audit challenge - Audit the Flag.

Audit the Flag creates a real-time, immersive and utterly realistic environment where students face real-world cyber security challenges.

IT Audit Private Training Benefits

For some organisations, operational security is of prime importance. In these circumstances, SANS Private Training offers the maximum level of discretion and privacy by training employers in your office.


SANS Private Training benefits include:

  • Cost efficiencies - Private training removes the need to pay subsistence, travel and accommodations expenses.
  • Effective use of time - The downtime produced by travel - which is multiplied across a whole team – is negated.
  • Focus on challenges - A dedicated SANS Instructor will be able to answer questions that arise directly from students' daily experiences. This adds consultative value.
  • A common approach - By standardising a team on SANS Training, organisations can ensure everybody speaks a common language and shares the same technical foundations.

Built To Be Remembered

SANS Instructors are cyber security practitioners. They hold high-ranking positions, often across large security teams. Many are consultants who help businesses, governments and military bodies protect digital infrastructure.

Our Instructors have a wealth of real-world experience that feeds directly into the classroom. As they teach, they put theory and practice into a real-world context.

Like our Instructors, SANS' courseware is first class. We equip each student with a library of resources that supports students learning, and helps them to deploy what they've learned after training is complete.

SANS textbooks are unique to the course they support. The same experts who create a Training Course write the textbooks.

The textbooks follow the same structure and progression as the class the support. The books are kept rigorously up to date and are rewritten regularly to mimic the latest threats.

We equip students with copies of the exercises they've practiced. These take the form of virtual machines loaded with specimen code and test applications.

IT Audit Security Certification

GIAC Certifications are recognised globally. SANS Training and GIAC certifications align.

Though SANS Training can be taken privately, GIAC Certifications are achieved through sitting an examination at an approved location.

Read our student Testimonials to find out more about SANS training.

IT Audit Curriculum
Course Certification
Level 2 AUD507: Auditing & Monitoring Networks, Perimeters & Systems GSNA
Specialty Courses SEC440: Critical Security Controls: Planning, Implementing, and Auditing
SEC566: Implementing and Auditing the Critical Security Controls - In-Depth GCCC

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