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IT Audit Security Training Events & Courses

Take a SANS Audit course at a Training Event - focussed classroom training, led by a globally renowned SANS Instructor. Meet our expert SANS Instructors in person and learn from them the latest security skills.

SANS IT Audit Training Courses are designed to teach methods of building enterprise security validation programmes.

Companies with 25 or more staff who need training can take advantage of our Private Training Audit programmes.

Hands On Learning

At the heart of SANS' training philosophy is a firm belief that students should be invested with the very best practical skills.

SANS classes feature many hands-on exercises.

Specifically, students learn and practice effective risk such as:

  • Assessment and reporting
  • Network and perimeter monitoring
  • App auditing
  • Monitor skills across Windows and Unix environments

Students put their skills to the test in Audit the Flag - a simulated enterprise environment where they are tasked with identifying potential configuration problems and suggesting solutions.

Audit the Flag uses proven technology from SANS' NetWars platform. The Audit challenge features firewalls, Cisco switches and routers, and many different types of server.

IT Audit Courses Built To Be Remembered

SANS Instructors possess a rare combination of skills and attributes. As cyber security practitioners they are among the world's best.

They hold influential posts in prestigious organisations. Many SANS Instructors are consultants who operate at the pinnacle of their respective field.

For auditors, this input is invaluable. Classroom discussions about exploits refer to the very latest flaws being leveraged. Discussions about zero-day threats focus on the most recent incidents, and lessons about monitoring tools relate to those most widely deployed in the field.


SANS invests deeply in equipping students with first-rate courseware.

Every student who attends a SANS Audit Event will be provided with a set of textbooks. The experts who write our Training Courses create these books, which are structured in the same way as the training course they complement.

SANS Audit Courses place emphasis on learning the most effective ways to use the best tools. We ensure students are equipped with copies of these tools so they can deploy what they've learned immediately.

Students leave an Event with copies of the lab exercises they've followed in class. These will take the form of virtual machines, stored on either USB or optical media.


SANS holds Training Events in major cities all over the world from Europe to America and Australia.

We choose the location of our Training Venues with care. Our Training Venues have the best classroom based environments for students to learn.

If you would like to read what previous students taking an Audit class thought of their training, read our Testimonials.


SANS Audit Training affords professionals great opportunities to meet fellow IT security workers. SANS actively encourage students to meet up, talk and exchange ideas and experience.

During the course of a day there are coffee breaks, and during longer courses, often a social evening.

These sessions allow professionals to chat, share and talk with Instructors in an informal surrounding.

For any training related queries read our FAQs.

IT Audit Security Certification

GIAC Certifications is the leading developer and provider of cyber security certification.

GIAC assesses and validates the abilities of IT security practitioners.

Holders of GIAC Audit Certifications are recognised and respected as experts in their field and, as such, are sought by industry, military and governmental bodies.

Like SANS, GIAC places emphasis on skills-based training.

GIAC offers two Audit Certifications which both align with SANS IT Audit Training Courses:

Training Events Offering IT Audit Courses
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SANS Zurich June 2019 Jun 03 - Jun 08, 2019  
SANS SEC440 Oslo June 2019 Jun 11 - Jun 12, 2019  
SANS Riyadh July 2019 Jul 27 - Aug 01, 2019  
SANS Paris September 2019 Sep 16 - Sep 21, 2019  
SANS London October 2019 Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2019  
SANS Munich November 2019 Nov 18 - Nov 23, 2019  
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