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Secure Software Developer Cyber Security Certification With GIAC

Prepare for a globally respected GIAC Certification in Secure Software Development with an expert led, hands-on SANS course. Training can be taken at a Training Event, via e-learning or Privately.

GIAC's Secure Software Certification recognises that modern applications are becoming ever more important, and ever more complex.

For those involved in crafting business critical code, software developer security certifications from GIAC can help architects develop cutting edge skills, and validate their professional experience.

The GIAC exams available to study within this Curriculum include:

GIAC Secure Software Developer Certification Benefits

GIAC Certifications is a leading authority in accreditation of cyber security skills.

GIAC is recognised globally and is trusted by high profile businesses, military bodies and government organisations. It was founded in 1999 and has certified the credentials of over 70,000 cyber security practitioners.

GIAC's Secure Software Certification focuses on three key areas - .NET, JavaScript and App development.

For professional software developers, GIAC certification offers many defining benefits:

  1. GIAC focusses on defending against the latest threats. Certification pushes developers to enhance their software development skills further.
  2. Students benchmark their development skills against the highest standard.
  3. Managers, employers and IT professionals understand and respect GIAC Certification. Securing a Certification can increase the chances of career progression.
  4. The software development industry is a fast paced landscape. GIAC Certification is a very efficient mode of continual professional development.

For those who employ software developers, GIAC certification offers these advantages:

  1. GIAC Certification helps mitigate recruitment risk. Prioritise candidates who are Certified and be assured they are qualified do the job.
  2. By encouraging developers to take GIAC Certification, managers are ensuring their skills are on the cutting edge.
  3. GIAC Certification ensures developers follow the current best practices and can protect assets.
  4. Build a development team around GIAC Certification and all software architects will share a common language and philosophy.

Why Study With SANS?

SANS Secure Software Instructors are widely regarded as the developer industry's leading practitioners and proponents.

They work for high profile companies, government departments and military bodies. Many are consultants who find their insights in high demand. This real-world experience feeds directly into the classroom.

SANS Training - like GIAC Certification - places emphasis on hands-on exercises. Because of our emphasis on practical skills we strengthen students' ability to achieve GIAC Certification.

The three types of SANS Training methods available to study for GIAC are:

SANS supports students with a library of expertly written textbooks. The same experts who author our Software Development Courses create them. As GIAC exams are open book, these are an ideal exam accompaniment.

How Do I Get Certified?

GIAC Certification examinations are taken online, in a designated proctored environment. There are over 3,500 proctored test centres around the world.

There are several essentials steps in the journey to GIAC Certification:

  1. Choose a Secure Software Development Certification
  2. Decide to take SANS to training to help pass an exam
  3. Prepare for the examination
  4. Schedule the examination
  5. Students receive their GIAC Certificate

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