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SANS Private Secure Software Development Training

SANS can deliver its hands-on, Instructor led, classroom training direct to internal teams. Learn more about private technical training for groups of software developers.

SANS training for Secure Software Development is focussed on imparting the skills necessary to make software safe - by design.

If an organisation has more than 25 developers who need training, a SANS Instructor can deliver Secure Software Development Training privately in an internal training space or HQ.

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Hands On Learning

SANS Secure Software Development programme addresses security issues across many of today's dominant languages and platforms. We offer training for Java/JEE, .NET, C and C++, and for web app developers.

Our app developer course addresses server configuration, authentication, SQL injections and many other technologies.

Whichever technology or language students choose, the training they receive will be practical and skills based. Students are introduced to theories covering best practices, common security vulnerabilities, and major risks. Students learn about remediating these risks.

With the theory explored students then put what they've learned into practice. This happens in one of many live coding lab exercises. Exercises are numerous, taxing and immersive. Some courses culminate in code review challenges.

By the end of our Secure Development Private Training students have rehearsed thoroughly the skills needed to build a highly defensible application or product.

Secure Software Development Private Training Benefits

Many organisations for whom operational security is paramount choose SANS Private Training.

With training being delivered within your organisation you can ensure complete confidentiality.


With a SANS Instructor embedded in an organisation, managers and employer achieve many efficiencies.

SANS Instructors can, for example, tailor their training to orbit technologies, scenarios and situations a business faces. This, given a SANS Instructor's experience, can add considerable consultative value.

Organisation that opt for Private Training make financial efficiencies. They avoid paying the expenses associated with sending team members to external training: travel, accommodation and subsistence. Across a large team these costs can become considerable.

By removing travel from the equation, private training reduces the amount of time team members are away from their projects too.

Built to be Remembered

SANS Instructors are a rare breed. They possess impeccable technical credentials paired with unparalleled teaching skills.

Outside of the classroom, SANS Instructors are leading security practitioners and proponents. Many work as consultants, others hold high-ranking security roles in world-leading organisations.

This real-world experience means SANS Instructors have first-hand experience of cyber security's cutting edge. SANS Instructors understand today's biggest threats because they face them every day.

SANS Instructors possess classroom savvy. They know how to inspire students, how to push them, and how to make learning, even the most abstract topic, rewarding.

SANS Instructors' passion for their subject extends beyond the classroom and their days jobs. Many Instructors are prolific bloggers, authors and active members of the global IT security community.

SANS further supports its students with a wide selection of high quality courseware.

This includes:

  • Textbooks - SANS equips each student with a library of expertly written textbooks, which are written by security experts. The books expand on the course's key theories, lessons and practical exercises. The books are rewritten regularly to address the latest threats and attack methods.
  • Developer toolkits - Students receive copies of all the tools used during a classes. These are generally supplied pre-installed on Virtual Machines.
  • Software samples - Students are supplied with copies of all the coding projects, live code and samples used during class.
  • Free Resources - A multitude of free Resources for Secure Software Development are available online.

Secure Software Development Security Certification

Many professionals, when they have completed there SANS Training, invest in an accreditation from Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC).

GIAC is a leader in skills-based cyber security certification. It is recognised globally and holders of its Certifications are respected as experts in their chosen field.

Several SANS Secure Software Development courses align with GIAC Certifications.

These include:

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Secure Software Development Curriculum
Course Certification
Level 1 SEC534: Secure DevOps: A Practical Introduction
DEV522: Defending Web Applications Security Essentials GWEB
Level 2 SEC540: Cloud Security and DevOps Automation
DEV541: Secure Coding in Java/JEE: Developing Defensible Applications GSSP-JAVA
DEV544: Secure Coding in .NET: Developing Defensible Applications GSSP-.NET
Specialty Courses SEC542: Web App Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking GWAPT
SEC642: Advanced Web App Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, and Exploitation Techniques

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