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Secure Software Development Training Events & Courses

Take SANS' respected Secure Development Training and learn the skills needed to architect software that is defensible by design. Classes are led by expert SANS Instructors and supported by high-quality courseware.

SANS Developer Security Training Events are hands-on, classroom training courses led by world-class experts in secure software development.

Our courses are particularly well suited to developers, application architects, security analysts, pen testers and auditors.

Hands On Learning

SANS believes in the value of hands-on security skills. For this reason our training courses are practical by design.

Core courses explore web app development and developing defensible Java/JEE applications.

Students learn about some of the most prevalent vulnerabilities, how the bad guys leverage them, and how to fix these issues.

For anyone involved in implementing, managing or protecting software, SANS Secure Development courses are invaluable.

Secure Software Courses Built To Be Remembered

SANS is the world's largest provider of security training with over 25 years of experience.

Our Instructors are all practicing security professionals who work on the front line. They understand how software is compromised and know how to erect a defensive perimeter.


To support students through certification and beyond, SANS invests in creating courseware of the highest quality.

Like the classroom training it supports, SANS courseware is kept rigorously up to date.

SANS Courseware highlights include:

  • Textbooks - SANS Training Events equip students with a library of expertly written course specific textbooks.
  • Virtual environments - Much our courses hand-on work takes place on virtual machines. Students are provided with copies of the VMs so they can recreate the lab exercises.
  • Software samples - Lab exercises are built around live coding and live code examples. We'll make sure students leave their course with copies of all the code used in class.
  • Tools sets - Students are provided with copies of all the tools used in class and during lab exercises.
  • Online Resources - SANS offers free learning Resources such as posters and downloads, available for free to the security community.


SANS Training Events take place in classroom like environments in cities across Europe, Middle East, Africa, America and Australia. We also operate in the USA and across APAC countries.


Our Training Events provide excellent opportunities to meet fellow security professionals, to network and to share ideas. Networking is invaluable to our students.

During their time at a SANS Training Event students have breaks and dedicated social sessions designed with networking in mind.

Find out what our students thought about our courses by reading our Testimonials.

Secure Software Developer Security Certification

Cyber Security professionals turn to the GIAC Certifications to validate their hands-on skills.

GIAC is recognised globally and regarded as a premier security certification body worldwide.

Both SANS and GIAC share a unifying belief in the value of hands-on skills. As such, preparing for a GIAC examination with SANS offers considerable advantages.

Several SANS Secure Software Development courses align directly with GIAC Certifications.

These include:

As well as Training Events SANS offers Private Training to companies with 25 or more students to teach. To find out more see our FAQs or email

Training Events Offering Secure Software Development Courses
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SANS Amsterdam May 2019 May 20 - May 25, 2019  
SANS Munich July 2019 Jul 01 - Jul 06, 2019  
SANS London July 2019 Jul 08 - Jul 13, 2019  
SANS Pen Test Hackfest Europe 2019 Jul 22 - Jul 28, 2019  
SANS Prague August 2019 Aug 12 - Aug 17, 2019  
SANS Munich September 2019 Sep 02 - Sep 07, 2019  
SANS Brussels September 2019 Sep 02 - Sep 07, 2019  
SANS Paris September 2019 Sep 16 - Sep 21, 2019  
SANS London September 2019 Sep 23 - Sep 28, 2019  
SANS Riyadh October 2019 Oct 05 - Oct 10, 2019  
SANS London October 2019 Oct 14 - Oct 19, 2019  
SANS Amsterdam October 2019 Oct 28 - Nov 02, 2019  
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