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The most damaging cyber threats today rely on social engineering and identify deception. Spear phishing, business email compromise, ransomware and other targeted attacks are so successful because they prey on human weakness. The Agari Email Trust Platform is the only solution that neutralizes social engineering and stops email attacks at the gateway before they can reach the inbox.
Authentication, Cloud Security, Risk/Compliance, Threat Intelligence
Anomali delivers earlier detection and identification of adversaries in your organizations network by making it possible to correlate tens of millions of threat indicators against your real time network activity logs. Anomali's approach enables detection at every point along the kill chain, making it possible to mitigate threats before material damage to your organization has occurred.
Threat Intelligence, Forensics
Authentic8 is redefining how the browser is used to access sensitive web data. Silo, our flagship product, is a cloud browser that isolates local computers from dangerous web content. Silo helps manage login credentials, access controls, and data use policies. Silo is built fresh at session start and destroyed at session end, ensuring users remain secure, compliant, and anonymous online. Toolbox, an add-on to Silo, provides a mis-attributed platform for research and analysis. With Toolbox, researchers can access websites from local IP addresses, spoof their browsing platform, and collect data without revealing their identity or exposing their resources.
Cloud Security, Privilege Management/Access Control, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Forensics
Carbon Black leads a new era of endpoint security by enabling organizations to disrupt advanced attacks, deploy the best prevention strategies for their business, and leverage the expertise of 10,000 professionals to shift the balance of power back to security teams. Only Carbon Black continuously records and centrally retains all endpoint activity, making it easy to track an attacker's every action, instantly scope every incident, unravel entire attacks and determine root causes. Carbon Black also offers a range of prevention options so organizations can match their endpoint defense to their business needs. Carbon Black has been named #1 in endpoint protection, incident response, and market share.
Endpoint Security, Incident Response
DomainTools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence. We take indicators from your network, including domains and IPs, and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet. Those connections inform risk assessments, help profile attackers, guide online fraud investigations, and map cyber activity to attacker infrastructure.
Threat Intelligence, Forensics
LogRhythm's security intelligence and analytics platform enables organizations to detect, respond to, and neutralize cyber threats.
Network Defense, Network Monitoring, SIEM
Network Monitoring, Risk / Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment
Forescout Technologies is the leader in device visibility and control. Our unified security platform enables enterprises and government agencies to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environments and orchestrate actions to reduce cyber and operational risk. www.forescout.com.
Network Defense, Network Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Assessments, ICS/SCADA Security

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