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Elevate your knowledge, skills, and industry connections at a SANS Summit. Summits bring together prominent practitioners from leading organizations to share lessons learned, new tools, and innovative methods for improving security and overcoming challenges facing the industry. Through impactful presentations and interactive networking opportunities, attendees walk away from their two-day summit experience with actionable information and newly forged industry connections that have a lasting impact on their organization's security program.

"The Summits by SANS bring together some of the best minds in security. I always learn new things to bring back to my team." - Peter Kuzmiskas, Prudential

"High-quality presentations with immediately actionable information and remarkable networking opportunities" - Lee Neely, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

SANS courses are offered before or after each Summit to give attendees a convenient way to complement in-depth training with their Summit experience.

"I've had nothing but great experiences with SANS and always come away from classes and Summits with a TON of new things to read, research, and play with that makes me a better security professional." - Daniel Bougere, Securicon, LLC

For many Summits, we run a public Call for Presenters (CFP). If you wish to be notified of open CFPs and their deadlines, please send a note to SummitCFPs@sans.org to be added to our notification list.

Upcoming Summit Series Events
Event Location Date
Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training 2018 Bethesda, MD Jan 29, 2018 -
Feb 5, 2018
Cloud Security Summit & Training 2018 San Diego, CA Feb 19, 2018 -
Feb 26, 2018
CyberThreat Summit 2018 London, United Kingdom Feb 27, 2018 -
Feb 28, 2018
ICS Security Summit & Training Orlando, FL Mar 19, 2018 -
Mar 26, 2018
SANS Blue Team Summit & Training Louisville, KY Apr 23, 2018 -
Apr 30, 2018
SANS Automotive Cybersecurity Summit & Training Chicago, IL May 1, 2018 -
May 8, 2018
DFIR Summit & Training 2018 Austin, TX Jun 7, 2018 -
Jun 14, 2018
SANS ICS Europe Summit and Training 2018 Munich, Germany Jun 18, 2018 -
Jun 23, 2018
Security Operations Center Summit & Training New Orleans, LA Jul 30, 2018 -
Aug 6, 2018
Security Awareness Summit & Training 2018 Charleston, SC Aug 6, 2018 -
Aug 15, 2018
Threat Hunting & IR Summit and Training New Orleans, LA Sep 6, 2018 -
Sep 13, 2018
SANS DFIR Prague Summit & Training 2018 Prague, Czech Republic Oct 1, 2018 -
Oct 7, 2018
SANS Oil & Gas Summit and Training for Energy Houston, TX Oct 1, 2018 -
Oct 6, 2018

Event set up in process - please check back soon for further event information and registration.