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Online Training GIAC Cyber Security Certifications

Global Information Assurance Certification - GIAC - is a leading provider and developer of professional cyber security certification. GIAC Certifications are designed to validate the abilities of cyber security practitioners across such fields as forensics, software security, management, audit, ICS, pen testing and cyber defence.

GIAC Certifications are recognised globally. They are trusted by FTSE100 enterprises, military organisations, government agencies and more. To date, nearly 70,000 GIAC certifications have been granted.

SANS Online Training is highly regarded and widely respected by the cyber security community. SANS OnDemand is a comprehensive training programme that lets you take SANS training online and prepare for an aligned GIAC certification attempt.


GIAC is an independent training body. To achieve certification you need to pass an uncompromising examination. For this reason, rigorous preparation is needed.

SANS is the world's largest provider of information security training. Today we have over 150,000 alumni and work with blue chip organisations across the globe. Our training courses are practical and designed to complement real-world security job roles. Many of our training courses align with GIAC certifications.

Prepare for cyber security certification online

SANS' Online training is a highly effective and efficient route to preparing for a GIAC examination. SANS training is designed to align with a GIAC certification and, as such, both SANS and GIAC are looking to achieve the same outcome: security practitioners who possess the hand-on skills necessary to defend and protect against today's, and tomorrow's, dominant cyber threats.

GIAC and SANS - march in lockstep. You will not find a mode of training that will prepare you better for your GIAC examination.

SANS Online training is a highly flexible way to take SANS training. You can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home or office. You'll be supplied with an extensive library of expertly written textbooks, MP3 based lectures, video resources and lab exercises.

As you'll be directing your own study you can spend time rehearsing complex areas and move quickly through subjects you find less tricky.

Why Certify?


Certification holds many benefits for individuals, security team members, freelance practitioners and IT consultants. GIAC Certification help you to:

  • Prove your skills - Holding a GIAC certification clearly validates your skills as a cyber security practitioner.
  • Stand out from the crowd - Employers and managers recognise GIAC certifications and understand their inherent value. This means, during the recruitment process, people who hold GIAC certifications will often be prioritised.
  • Enhance your skillset - GIAC has a strong real world focus. GIAC Certifications are designed, and regularly redesigned, to test skills in relation to the latest threats, trends and technologies.


Encouraging staff and security team members to study for GIAC certifications can bring many benefits. These include:

  • Consistency - By standardising your security team using GIAC certification you'll be ensuring all members follow the same procedures, adopt the same philosophy and speak the same language.
  • Keep skills current - The threat landscape is ever changing and, as such, it is important for security staff to keep their skills fresh and up to date. By mandating that your team take GIAC Certifications you'll be ensuring the sharpness of their skills.
  • Protecting your business - By definition, GIAC certified professionals have proved their skills and expertise. Who better to safeguard your people, data and infrastructure?
  • A great message to market - By making GIAC certification the cornerstone of your security policy and practice, you're making a powerful statement about how seriously you take the safety of your business, your clients and your reputation.

Security teams are, of course, by their nature very busy so finding time and space for training can be difficult. SANS Online training can be taken any time and in any place (assuming there's an internet connection).

Why Take SANS Online Training?

OnDemand training from SANS offers flexibility. You can study on your laptop or table - anywhere where you have an Internet connection.

To support and supplement your learning, OnDemand features exhaustive courseware. You'll be sent a library of expertly written, high quality text books. And, if your course demands it, CDs and DVDs packed with software, applications, lab exercises and disk images.

How do I Get Certified?

Begin by choosing the certification that's right for your job role.

GIAC produces a roadmap planner, which will help to make your choice. When you've registered for an online course you can add the GIAC certification to your purchase for a discounted price at the checkout.

Examinations are open book. You can take your SANS textbooks and handwritten notes into the exam centre.