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Private Onsite Cyber Security Training

SANS is the world's most trusted provider of information security training.

Our Private security training is:

  • Led by an expert SANS Instructor - Our Instructors are widely regarded as global experts in their respective fields.
  • Delivered confidentially - Training behind closed doors, in a HQ or an internal training suite.
  • Supported by high quality courseware.
  • Highly practical - Sessions are often built around lab exercises that replicate attack vectors and techniques that attackers are using right now.

Through Private Training SANS is able to train a full security team at one time, and in one location (minimum attendee numbers do apply of 25+ students).

Benefits of Private Training

  1. Focussed

    SANS offers over 60 training courses. These cover topics such as Forensics, Penetration Testing, Management, Cyber Defence, ICS, IT Audit and Software Development. Our courses move from entry level to expert.

    As we offer a wide selection of training courses to choose from, SANS can offer a training session that is designed to match a security team's exact requirements.

  2. Real World

    A SANS Instructor can work through, discuss and advise upon specific scenarios and situations that an organisation's team faces. This adds significant value to the training on offer.

  3. Consistency

    Because a whole team is trained at one time, they receive the same message, work to the same methodologies, become familiar with the same tools, and ultimately speak the same language.

  4. Financial Efficiency

    As the organisation's security team doesn't have to leave the office, there are no additional travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses.

  5. Confidentially

    If an organisation has a specific - and sensitive - training need, SANS will act with discretion. Government departments, agencies and business enterprises all over the world trust SANS. Having training delivered behind closed doors provides an additional security advantage.

Hands on Training

SANS Training is practical in nature. Courses are often built around lab exercises that explore and simulate the most prevalent tactics and technologies.

Students are able to safely explore, learn from and test themselves against real-world threats.

SANS Private Training attendees also receive valuable resources. Each student receives a comprehensive set of textbooks covering the training delivered and additional courseware as needed.

Embracing Technology to Deliver More Flexibility

On offer within our Private Training option is simulcasting. Here we broadcast the training session to different offices across an organisation. This option is ideal if a business has several security offices or relies on distributed teams.

If a team structure or organisation make-up demands it, we can deliver SANS Training Online. Simulcast training content is accessible for six months after the training session has finished.


Many SANS Courses are aligned with GIAC Certification. Team members can, after completing their training, achieve a globally recognised security qualification by sitting a GIAC exam.

How to Progress

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