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SANS Private Training FAQs

SANS is the world's largest provider of cyber security training. We train IT professionals to defend networks, data and infrastructure from the latest digital threats.

Students can take SANS training in a:

If you have over 25 students that require security training, a SANS Instructor can deliver training in your HQ / at your premises.

SANS training courses fall into curriculum families.

These include:

In each curriculum family SANS offer a range of courses from Core, to Advanced and Specialist.

SANS offers several security newsletters, webcasts and update mailings designed to keep you informed of industry security information, SANS training and participation opportunities. Sign up for these updates here.


All major credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and bank/wire transfer.

Send us the correct details at and we can then amend the invoice.

It is correct that organisations within the EU are exempt from VAT on training, if they provide a valid EU VAT number.

However, VAT law on the purchase of a registration for a SANS event is classed as purchasing admission into an event, and as such the VAT becomes payable.

SANS Institute, EMEA can only remove VAT for attendees that are based in the same country the Training Event is taking place (only applies to UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Czech Republic) or if you are VAT exempt.

VAT is payable for all registrations from other countries. Contact for further information.


Courses are designed to be independent of each other. Many do form connections within each Curricula moving from Core, to Advanced and Specialist.

SANS produces all Courseware. The same industry experts (often SANS Instructors), who created your course, write the textbooks and accompanying support material. SANS also makes many of the tool sets and virtualised resources you may receive.


SANS and GIAC are independent organisations. You will notice as you read SANS course descriptions, many courses align with certain GAIC Certifications. This means that course is the ideal preparation for a GIAC Examination.

See for information on Courses and their GIAC Certification alignment.

Silver is achieved after completing a multiple choice exam. To achieve Gold, candidates must submit - and have accepted for publication - a research paper.

They are separate accreditation bodies that focus on different criteria, and place different requirements on accreditation. They also operate different CPE schemes.

All credits are submitted as Type A credits.

The SANS Institute is not an accredited educational institution that issues transferable college credits.

Applicable SANS courses and GIAC Certifications can be worked into the Master's Program of SANS Technology Institute.

Check with individual colleges or universities to see if they will accept training credits from SANS Institute.

You earn 1 CPE credit for ISC2 per hour of SANS training. A conference usually lasts 6 days for 6 hours a day, which equates to 36 credits.

Students can earn CPE credits through Online Training, Training Events, and Private Training.