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Private Cyber Security Training - GIAC Certification

GIAC Certification validates cyber security professionals' practical skills. SANS Private Training sees a SANS Instructor deliver cyber security training in your HQ. It is ideal preparation for a GIAC Certification attempt.

If a company has 25 or more people needing cyber security training, SANS can deliver training in that organisation's office or training venue.

This training can help attendees achieve GIAC certification - a globally recognised certification that verifies the holder's cyber security skills.

Why Certify?

GIAC Certifications are designed to validate the skills and abilities of cyber security practitioners. This is achieved through passing a rigorous and carefully crafted examination. GIAC certifications are recognised globally, and trusted by enterprises, military bodies and government agencies.

There are more than 20 GIAC certifications available.

Managers and HR departments use certifications to ensure candidates possess in-depth technical skills.

To pass GIAC examinations, candidates need to demonstrate they possess up-to-date technical skills and knowledge. As such, having a security team built around GIAC certification brings compliance and audit advantages.


SANS' reputation for excellence is founded, in part, on the quality of our Instructors. Instructors possess an unrivalled blend of deep technical experience coupled with refined teaching skills.

SANS Instructors are, outside the classroom, practicing and respected security practitioners. Many hold high-ranking security roles in prestigious organisations. A SANS Instructor brings real-word experience and insight into the classroom.

Why Private Training?

Private training offers benefits such as:

  • Cost effectiveness - Budget holders can save on the costs associated with travel, accommodation and subsistence.
  • Consistency - A consistent approach to training means a team will share the same philosophy, follow the same methodologies and speak the same language.
  • A focus on an organisation - With a SANS Instructor embedded in an organisation, training can hone in on challenges, situations and scenarios a security teams faces.
  • Complete privacy - What is discussed in the training room, stays completely private.

How Can I Book Private Training?

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