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Private Training - SANS Instructors

SANS Instructors are leading authorities in their field. They can deliver SANS' hand-on cyber security training privately and discretely. Benefits include budget efficiencies and confidentially. Read about our Instructors here.

Unparalleled Instructors

Our reputation for providing excellent security training is founded partly on the quality of our Instructors.

There are several ways in which SANS Instructors stand out from other training providers:

  • SANS Instructors are cyber security practitioners. They work in the field that they teach. They have an intimate and refined knowledge of their chosen subject.
  • Skilled trainers, comfortable presenting to large groups and captivating an audience.
  • Within their chosen field, our Instructors work at a very high level. Commonly, SANS Instructors are CISOs, team leaders, technical directors, informational warfare officers, and red-team leaders.
  • Along with working and teaching about their chosen strand of security, our Instructors are often active community members. Many are prolific bloggers and authors who dedicate their spare time to sharing knowledge about cyber security.
  • Our Instructors hold many security related patents.
  • Many are published authors - people who penned some of cyber security's most important books.


Our Instructors understand how great teaching actually works - they demand initiative, challenge students to think, and they'll change the way they think too.

Private Training With A SANS instructor

If an organisation has over 25 security staff that need training, we can arrange for a SANS Instructor to deliver the requested SANS training course in an office or HQ.

This approach provides:

  • Efficiency. Businesses can save on transportation, accommodation and subsistence costs.
  • By standardising on SANS training, an organisation ensures its whole security team follows the same procedures, adopts the same philosophy and speaks the same language.
  • With a SANS Instructor embedded for the duration of the course, they can spend time exploring real-world scenarios and situations faced by the security team in training.
  • Security training can be a sensitive. SANS operates with the utmost of discretion.


Organisations only need to provide a classroom and laptops for their staff. We'll provide everything else. This includes a library of expertly written textbooks for each student and a raft of supporting courseware. Depending upon the course being followed, this can include software tools, disk images, USB stick, CDs, DVDs, posters and cheat sheets.

Like all of SANS' training, Private Training is built around a single promise: students will be able to deploy, and benefit from, what they've learned as soon as they get back to their desk.

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