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Security Awareness Training For End Users

Hands on, flexible, browser-based training designed to help non-technical staff understand and spot common digital attacks.

SANS is the world leader in technical training for cyber security professionals. We have worked with over 125,000 cyber security professionals, looking to enhance their hands-on skills. We count many of the world's largest corporations among our list of clients.

SANS recognises that non-technical end users need cyber security training - particularly when it comes to defending against phishing and social engineering based attacks.

SANS Securing The Human End User products are designed to educate end users about the risks associated with working online.

STH has been accessed by over 5 million licensed users. That is over 1,000 organisations who have chosen Securing The Human to help them create a security awareness programme.

A recent survey conducted by SANS revealed that 92% of clients would recommend our STH products to another organisation.

Security Awareness Training To Keep End Users Safe

STH.EndUser is based on the 20 Critical Security Controls. Along with drawing on this body of knowledge, STH products are overseen by an expert SANS Advisory Board.

The STH.EndUser computer-based training package includes 43 different modules. Each module averages 3 minutes in length and is available for purchase in 28 languages.

Units cover a broad range of topics and are designed to help employees protect themselves - and their organisation's assets - when they're in the office and when working remotely.

Core units address concepts such as the dangers presented by social engineering, email and messaging, browsing, and social networking.

Other sections of the training look at technology fundamentals such as mobile device security, passwords, encryption, data security and data destruction.

Employees learn about insider threats. This encompasses how - and more importantly why – they might be a target for criminals.

SANS STH.EndUser training explores how remote working can present dangers.

Securing The Human explores how to stay safe when using Wi-Fi, working remotely and during international travel.

Completing a 360 degree tour of personal digital security, STH.EndUser explores protecting a personal computer, a home network and even offers advice on keeping employees' children safe too.

Why Choose SANS Security Awareness Training For Employees?

As a family of products, STH is designed to achieve compliance and change end users' behaviour.

The STH.EndUser programme's features include:

  • Computer based training that staff can complete at their own pace and in their own time
  • Short modular videos
  • Modular assignments that can be tailored to specific audiences
  • Support for over 28 languages
  • Company logos and branding can be added
  • Can be hosted on a client's own learning management system which use standards such as SCORM and Section 508
  • Allocation of training, review of progress and reporting are easily controlled by the administriator

The End User products help mangers prepare their users to spot and react correctly when presented with phishing attacks and other common risks.

SANS STH.EndUser training is reviewed annually by an Advisory Board made up of SANS Senior Instructors, industry leaders and selected clients. They rigorously check that it meets dominant and emerging threats.

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