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Security Awareness Training For ICS Engineers

A video based training platform designed to help security managers build high impact security awareness campaigns for ICS engineering staff.

SANS' reputation as the world's leading provider of technical cyber security training is founded on the strength of its people. SANS Instructors and course authors are the leading experts in their respective fields.

We have been at the forefront of cyber security training for over 25 years, have trained over 125,000 cyber security professionals and operate in over 60 countries. We work with many FTSE100 enterprises.

SANS Securing The Human family of products is designed to help security managers create high impact security awareness campaigns.

SANS STH.Engineer is designed by Industrial Control Systems security experts specifically to prepare ICS workers, engineers and infrastructure owners to spot and defend against prevalent risks.

STH.Engineer training is flexible, focussed and designed to reinforce the lessons learned.

ICS Training To Keep Your Assets Safe

SANS STH.Engineer training focusses on security behaviours for engineers and individuals who interact with, operate, or support ICS infrastructure.

Topics included in the video-based training include an overview of ICS, its drivers and its constraints. Moving on, students are guided through an overview of prevalent ICS attacks, common ICS attack surfaces and attack scenarios. Other units explore ICS network and server security.

STH.Engineer training also explores ICS system maintenance, information assurance and incident handling.

Why Choose SANS Security Awareness Training For ICS?

The STH.Engineer programme consists of 10 units and takes around 75 minutes to complete in its entirety. It offers many core benefits. These include:

  • The computer based training means employees can take training when convenient, so minimising disruption.
  • The compact and modular videos allow employees to train in short bursts and sessions.
  • As the training is modular it can be tailored to address specific audiences.
  • Modules are accompanied by quizzes designed to test learners' comprehension.

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