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Security Awareness Training For Software Developers

Video based training designed to build awareness of secure development best practices among coders and architects.

Securing The Human is a security awareness programme created by SANS Institute. Our awareness units are designed to educate software developers about secure development best practice. The products are ideal for architects, managers, testers, business owners, and partners.

Securing The Human is designed to enable professionals outside of an organisation's direct security function to improve their cyber security skills and knowledge.

Developer Training To Keep Your Online Assets Safe

STH.Developer is designed to ensure dev team members know how to build defensible applications. The training programme consists of over 30, seven to ten minute instructional videos.

SANS STH.Developer training is based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 Web Vulnerabilities, and Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The programme's OWASP units cover the following topics: injection flaws, authentication, session management, cross site scripting, insecure object references and security misconfiguration.

Other units cover insecure cryptographic storage, insufficient transport layer protection, missing function level access control, cross site request forgery, using known vulnerable components, and invalidated forwards and redirects.

Software Development Life Cycle modules include an introduction to the topic, and an overview of the following development methodologies: waterfall, agile, the spiral model and scrum.

STH.Developer offers modules that explore development's fundamentals. These units begin with an introduction and then address the following subjects: least privilege, complete mediation, defence in depth, robust error checking, trust nothing, economy of mechanisms, and openness of design.

Classic modules include memory inspection, buffer overflow and improper error handling.

Why Choose SANS Security Awareness Training For Secure Development

SANS STH.Developer training is created by a group of security professionals and advisors. The Board consists of SANS Senior Instructors, selected clients, and respected industry leaders. Collectively they are charged with helping to direct and design our training content.

SANS Securing The Human Development programme offers many distinct benefits. Highlights include:

  • A focus on changing behaviour and achieving compliance.
  • Flexible computer based training allows busy professional developers to take training in their own time.
  • The course's short modular structure means developers can complete the training flexibly.
  • Specific audiences can be addressed through tailored modular assignments.
  • Training assets can be personalised and branded with an organisation's logo.
  • The programme uses quizzes to test learners' comprehension.
  • Progress through the course is trackable and reportable.

SANS Securing The Human Advisory Board regularly reviews the training curriculum, identifies new topics, makes necessary changes and provides essential updates.

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