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SANS Community Events

SANS Community training typically refers to a single SANS training course delivered in French or Spanish in a classroom environment.

Occasionally SANS Community training is delivered in English in cities across the EMEA region that are not visited by larger SANS Training Events. This allows local communities to experience SANS training in a classroom without the need for significant travel.

SANS Community - French and Spanish

SANS training delivered in French or Spanish by our approved and trusted partners. The instructor delivers the same high quality training content, but in the local language. All courseware is provided in English and is identical to the courseware used at any other SANS Training Event.

SANS Community - English

A single SANS training course delivered in English by an instructor who usually resides in the region where the training takes place. Attendees take advantage of local training in a classroom environment with all courseware and course content being identical to SANS training delivered at any other SANS training event.

SANS is the world's largest provider of cyber security training. For over twenty years we've been helping global organisations and governments keep their people, networks and data safe.

What Can I Expect from SANS Community Training?

Students who take SANS training at either a Training Event or a Community Event can expect a highly consistent approach to classroom training.

Key benefits:

  • A practical focus - SANS courses are, by design, very hands on. We believe people learn, and retain what they've learned better through doing as opposed to just listening. As such students can expect lots of lab work, practical exercises, simulations and even war games during a SANS training course.
  • Courseware - SANS supports its students with a wide selection of courseware. Depending upon the course taken, students may also be supplied with CDs, DVDs and USB keys containing tools explored in class. We also equip students with any necessary disc images.
  • Certification - Many SANS courses are aligned with GIAC certifications. A GIAC Certification validates cyber security skills. As such, candidates with GIAC certifications are actively sought by organisations looking to recruit new security team members.
  • Networking - SANS Community events aren't just about learning new skills. They're also about meeting new people from the cyber security community. At a SANS Community event, students find lots of opportunities to expand your personal network.

The SANS Promise

All of these benefits can be neatly summarised by the SANS promise: when a student completes their training they'll be able to deploy what they've learned as soon as they get back to their team.