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SANS Courseware

To ensure students receive the best learning experience and value from their SANS Training Course, we provide pupils with an extensive library of resources such as textbooks and toolkits.

SANS Training Courses are written by world-leading subject matter experts and are reviewed and updated regularly. Student feedback, formally submitted after every day of training, contributes to ensuring courses remain of the highest possible standard.

There are several different routes students can take to complete their training.

Whichever training method a student follows, they receive a consistent training experience. Across all three training styles, students receive the same high quality cyber security learning resources.

These include:

  • SANS Textbooks
  • SANS Training Events generally run across five or six days. Typically, students will receive a new textbook each day. These books cover the day's lesson. They are the student's to keep and refer back to, or work through if an online study route is being followed. Courseware textbooks are:

    • Practical - Packed with skills-based advice, illustrations, notes, techniques, theory and screenshots.
    • Written by cyber security experts - Our Instructors deliver first-rate training content. Textbooks are of the same quality.
    • Exhaustive - Books often run into hundreds of pages.
    • Ideal for revision - Having key course content to hand is invaluable when revising for a GIAC Certification.
    • Up to date - SANS Training is always aligned with cutting edge technology and the latest attack vectors. Courseware textbooks are frequently updated and amended.

    When studying for GIAC Certification, exams are open book. Students are able to take their SANS Courseware with them on the day.

  • Tool Kits
  • In courses where the Instructor explores how specific software tools and applications can be leveraged, we'll make sure students leave their SANS Training Course with these tools. We'll generally copy them onto either a CD/DVD or a USB key.

    Armed with a SANS Toolkit, students will be able to return to their office, install the tools they've used in training and be ready to work immediately.

    Given our community focus, much of the software used is open source.

  • SIFT Workstation 3
  • The SANS Investigation Forensic Toolkit Workstation was created by Rob Lee, a SANS Faculty Fellow. SIFT is used in several SANS Courses and can be downloaded for free. Download SIFT here.

  • Trial Versions
  • Some of the tools our Instructors rely upon are commercial applications (opposed to open source). Where possible, we'll endeavour to supply a complete version of the program. If this isn't possible, students receive trial versions.

  • Disc Images
  • Forensic analysis often requires gathering data from a disc image. If a class exercise is based around such a scenario we'll make sure students have a copy of the image to take away. This means students will be able to recreate the lab experiment.

    If students are dealing with a disc image based on a commercial operating system, we'll make sure attendees have the correct licences to take away.

  • Posters
  • For some units and courses, we've created wall charts that summarise the session's key messages, techniques and tools. Students can pin them to their office wall and refer back to them when they're working on a project.

  • Cheat Sheets
  • Often, a SANS Instructor will deliver information and practical advice about a tool or technology. To help put what's learned into action as soon as a student is back in the office, SANS often compile a list of command line actions and keyboard shortcuts.

Training Events
Event Dates Register
SANS Paris November 2018 Nov 19 - Nov 24, 2018  
European Security Awareness Summit 2018 Nov 26 - Nov 29, 2018  
SANS Stockholm 2018 Nov 26 - Dec 01, 2018  
SANS Khobar 2018 Dec 01 - Dec 06, 2018  
SANS Dublin 2018 Dec 03 - Dec 08, 2018  
SANS Frankfurt 2018 Dec 10 - Dec 15, 2018  
SANS Amsterdam January 2019 Jan 14 - Jan 19, 2019  
SANS Threat Hunting London 2019 Jan 14 - Jan 19, 2019  
SANS Dubai January 2019 Jan 26 - Jan 31, 2019  
SANS SEC504 Stuttgart 2019 (In English) Feb 04 - Feb 09, 2019 Coming Soon
SANS London February 2019 Feb 11 - Feb 16, 2019  
SANS Zurich February 2019 Feb 18 - Feb 23, 2019  
SANS Riyadh February 2019 Feb 23 - Feb 28, 2019  
SANS Brussels February 2019 Feb 25 - Mar 02, 2019  
SANS London March 2019 Mar 11 - Mar 16, 2019  
SANS Munich March 2019 Mar 18 - Mar 23, 2019  
SANS Doha March 2019 Mar 23 - Mar 28, 2019  
SANS Jeddah March 2019 Mar 23 - Mar 28, 2019  
SANS Madrid March 2019 Mar 25 - Mar 30, 2019  
SANS Cyber Security Middle East Summit Apr 04 - Apr 11, 2019  
SANS London April 2019 Apr 08 - Apr 13, 2019  
SANS Riyadh April 2019 Apr 13 - Apr 18, 2019  
SANS Muscat April 2019 Apr 27 - May 02, 2019  
SANS Milan May 2019 May 13 - May 18, 2019  
SANS Dublin May 2019 May 13 - May 18, 2019  
SANS Stockholm May 2019 May 13 - May 18, 2019  
SANS Amsterdam May 2019 May 20 - May 25, 2019  
SANS Krakow May 2019 May 27 - Jun 01, 2019  
SANS London June 2019 Jun 03 - Jun 08, 2019  
SANS Zurich June 2019 Jun 03 - Jun 08, 2019  
SANS ICS Europe 2019 Jun 24 - Jun 29, 2019  
SANS Paris July 2019 Jul 01 - Jul 06, 2019  
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Private Training
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