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SANS Work With Cyber Security Challenge, UK

As Founder Sponsor, SANS Institute played an integral role in launching the Cyber Security Challenge. Since the organisation's formation in 2010, SANS continues to be a proud supporter and a continuing sponsor.

Cyber Security Challenge UK was established to nurture and grow the national pool of cyber security talent. The organisation offers programmes designed to bring new people into the cyber security industry through a set of educational and inspirational activities.

This goal aligns with SANS' commitment to improving cyber security in the UK through providing training and sharing information.

A Catalyst For New Cyber Security Talent

Cyber Security Challenge provides a series of learning programmes and networking sessions, all designed to inspire and encourage people to embark on a cyber security career. These include:

  • Schools programme - Lesson plans designed to help 14-17 year olds make academic choices that will open doors into cyber security.
  • Cyber Centurion - Resources created to inspire 12-18 year olds, outside the classroom.
  • Cyber Insight Camps - Delivering hands-on experience and the opportunity to achieve a recognised qualification. Usually operated in association with universities.
  • Cyber Camps - Two or three day residential sessions that give students the opportunity to hone their cyber skills.

Cyber Security Challenge UK also offers mentoring and careers information services.

Along with educational and networking opportunities, Cyber Security Challenge holds annual cyber security competitions.

The Challenge's competitions provide students with the opportunity to test and refine their cyber security skills. As the competitions progress, they move from virtual, online scenarios to a real-world final.

The competitions culminate in an annual Masterclass. The 2015 Masterclass saw teams grapple with taxing real-world cyber security scenarios, initially in a Farnborough situation room. To add realism, the teams were subjected to a fictitious cyber attack and, as a result, moved to a control centre in London.

At the end of each year, SANS hosts the annual Cyber Security Challenge Awards dinner. At the dinner Masterclass winners are awarded prizes.

SANS UK Cyber Academy

Both SANS and Cyber Security Challenge partner across other activities too. These include SANS UK Cyber Academy.

SANS UK Cyber Academy is an intensive, residential cyber security training programme. Created by SANS, the Academy identifies candidates with the potential to succeed in cyber security. The Cyber Academy then invests those identified with 6-8 weeks of world-class training.

Graduates of Cyber Academy can step into many frontline cyber security roles.

Organisations can recruit Cyber Academy graduates by speaking to SANS or by sending staff to Cyber Academy for up-skilling and on-boarding.

To read more about SANS Institute's training programmes, activities and our heritage, read our history page.