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The History of SANS Institute

Founded in 1989, SANS Institute is now the world's largest provider of cyber security training. Our mission is to keep the web safe through sharing cutting edge technical skills and knowledge. SANS has thousands of customers and partners situated all over the world.

SANS Timeline

SANS was founded in 1989 as a research institute. It held periodic seminars and focussed on sharing research results.

Appreciating the growing importance of Internet security, SANS recognised the need to teach a greater number of people about cyber defence, and the need to teach these defenders more in-depth, hands-on skills.

From a few core courses, led by a handful of the world's top practitioners, the library, geography and focus of SANS Training grew to the global operation you see today.

Today, we operate across more than 40 countries and have over 125,000 alumni.

SANS Institute was founded.

SANS holds its first conference - Network Security 1999 in New Orleans, on 3-10 October.

Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is formed. The body is an independent certification organisation.
To date, GIAC has accredited the hands-on skills of over 70,000 security professionals.

SANS holds first Asia-Pacific event.

First SANS London training event is held.

SANS introduces its now familiar course 'track' model structure
For example SEC401, FOR408 - Now FOR500).

Internet Storm Centre - the internet's early warning system - is founded. SANS continues to run this community driven project.

SANS holds first mainland Europe event in Barcelona.
The event taught Track 1 - which later become SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style.
SEC401 is now SANS' most popular course with over 28,000 alumni.

SANS founds its Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) division.

SANS OnDemand Online learning programme is launched.

SANS Technology Institute is founded.

As part of its commitment to helping New Orleans rebuild after 2005's Hurricane Katrina, SANS returns to the city.
Since then, we've kicked off our US training calendar with a January event in New Orleans.

DOD 8570 - which provides guidance and procedures - for training, certification and management of government employees is released.

Many GIAC certifications gain ANSI accreditation.

Introduction of SANS' now familiar curriculum structure -
Cyber Defence, Pen Testing, DFIR, Cyber Management, Secure Software, and IT Audit.

SANS founds its Securing The Human family of products, designed to help create impactful security awareness programmes.

SANS unveils CyberCity - a wired and connected, 1:87 model of a modern city.
CyberCity is designed to teach security professionals about defending infrastructure from kinetic attacks.

SANS releases its Industrial Control System (ICS) curriculum of courses.

SANS SIC is launched, offering the best of Private SANS Training in a US Government location.

SANS STI receives accreditation.

SANS Cyber Talent assessment tools launched.

SANS UK Cyber Academy - an intensive, fast-track training programme for new entrants into the security industry - is launched.